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Wednesday, October 20, 2021
Marching and standing for Israel
By Larry Yudelson
Grassroots rally draws huge crowd on short notice
cover story
Pictures from the war
By Joanne Palmer
Photographer’s images from the Pacific tell an extraordinary story
Eternal vigilance, constant optimism
By Joanne Palmer
Abe Foxman honored as American Jewish History Month is marked
Luck of the Jewish?
Feel the fear — and do it anyway
By Esther Kook
Charting the return to normal life while dealing with pandemic PTSD
Yiddish fun for children
Labzik’s proletarian puppet show
A prayer for my daughter
By Rabbi Simeon Cohen
Banji Ganchrow
One room or two?
Apparently last week’s political column, which really wasn’t even that political, did not go over so well. I am not really sure why. Each column that I write is like a child to me, and when I send it out into the world, I hope that people like it and are kind to it. It wasn’t that it was criticized, it was just, well…ehh. No one was thrilled or not thrilled. Poor column. In starting to write this week’s, I was a little ambivalent, so I looked through some old...
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