Puppy love, not hate

Puppy love, not hate

There are, the saying goes, no bad puppies.

There are, however, definitely bad people. Such as those who abandoned a three-month-old pup after shaving her, writing “Don’t feed this [expletive deleted] dog” on her back, and drawing swastikas on her.

The good news is that Rescue One, an animal rescue and veterinary clinic in Springfield, Missouri, reports that their de-Nazification efforts were successful.

“After a lot of baths and time, all of the swastikas that were drawn on this sweet girl are officially gone,” the group reports on its Facebook page.

After the group earlier reported its rescue and plans to send the puppy to “the tub to scrub-a-dub-dub all of this hate off,” the story was “featured on news stations nationwide with more media requests coming in every day” according to the group.

Rescue One reports that the dog, which they named Leslie, “will be fully vetted soon and then will be ready for her forever home and lots of LOVE!”

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