Regarding Holt

Regarding Holt

I read your article regarding Rep. Rush Holt, (“Holt meets with Netanyahu as talks resume,” Sept. 16). Or should I call it a free campaign ad for Mr. Holt?

It would be more informative to your readers if you provided a link to the actual text of the letter signed by Mr. Holt and 53 of his colleagues, which faulted certain of Israel’s alleged measures in Gaza.

It would also be informative to provide your readers with a link to the website of Mr. Holt’s Republican challenger Scott Sipprelle, setting forth his positions.

I will not characterize either candidate’s position. I simply urge voters to do their own research and not rely exclusively on information filtered through the press.

My own view is this: When politicians of either party say or do something unfairly damaging to Israel, supporters of Israel should let them know we disagree, and that we will take those actions into account when making an informed decision about whom to support in an election. We should also stay away from party or ideological squabbles, or reflexive party loyalty when it comes to Israel. It is in everyone’s interest that both parties support Israel.

Andrew Kent

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