Scolding Israel

Scolding Israel

In his first debate this election year, Congressman Rush Holt declined to answer when his opponent Scott Sipprelle asked why he signed a public petition critical of Israel (the “Gaza 54 letter”) instead of discussing his concerns privately with President Obama. Holt instead sought to reassure Jewish voters by describing his recent conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but his recounting of Netanyahu compliantly saying, “We have done everything you have asked” only revealed Holt’s condescending and presumptuously corrective posture toward the Jewish state.

The only Jews who will be reassured by that exchange are those on the far left fringe who perceive Israel as a brutal aggressor that needs to be publicly scolded and brought under control. As on previous occasions, Holt only acknowledged the “humanitarian assistance” aspect of the Gaza 54 letter and ignored how Jews feel about its description of Israel’s border security restrictions as “collective punishment” of the Palestinians. When asked, Holt also showed a complete disregard for the feelings of Jews about his accepting campaign contributions from J-Street and billionaire founder George Soros who is a world-renowned critic of Israel “George Soros? I don’t know,” Holt joked. “Is he a Boogey-man?!”

No Jews I know think it’s the least bit funny.

Deena Oren
East Brunswick

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