Many American Jews seem to think “Jews = anti-gun.”

Several years ago in the Los Angeles area, I walked out of a High Holy Day sermon in which the rabbi made several anti-gun remarks, showing not just his ignorance of the subject, but also his ignorance that some members of his congregation are on the other side of that particular issue. The injection of political issues into the holiness of the day shocked me and spoiled the spiritual tranquility that the service normally helps me achieve. In a letter to the rabbi, I pointed out that we, the congregation, were protected during the holidays by armed private security guards, nice Jewish “boys” who were trained by the military (either Israeli or U.S.) and that we needed such protection.

American Jews served in the American armed forces during World War II. American Jews were among those who helped liberate the camps. American Jews were among those who helped with the displaced persons’ centers throughout Europe. I simply cannot understand how American Jews, through these experiences, could fail to understand our need to be able to defend ourselves.

Kenneth A.Weissman
Beverly Hills, Calif.

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