The right to hate

The right to hate

Reading your full page on the many anti-Semitic acts in Edison (Aug. 19), I am struck by how sensitive so many of my fellow Jews have become. Scratching up cars and assault are clearly crimes, with or without a hateful message, but must there be police action each time some mouth-breather shouts something from a car? Are we Jews not capable of shouting back and hitting back when struck?

And if the police catch the hateful shouters, what would we have them do with them? I suspect that 40 lashes are out of the question. Sensitivity training? Please. They have the right to hate Jews. They shout because they are powerless, not because they are powerful. Make fun of them, demean them — that is hitting back in a way that they can understand.

The ADL actually makes money for itself when anti-Semitism is in the news, and some rabbis get their names in the newspaper in their never-ending “outrage,” but the rest of us are big enough and strong enough to live with those who don’t like us.

Phil Goodman

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