Think Moscato for Purim

Think Moscato for Purim

MYX Beverages LLC, distributed by Royal Wine Corporation, offers a full range of fruit-infused Moscato wines, including fresh peach, mango, coconut and watermelon-infused wine in single-serve and full-size bottles; sangrias (classic and tropical); concord wine, and light wine (rose and chardonnay). All varieties are created from top-quality imported wines from Australia, Spain, Italy, and Argentina. The company was started by Nicki Minaj, and Royal Wine makes it for her; Royal also makes wines for Mariah Carey, Vera Wang and Amare Stoudemire.

The watermelon moscato is a fun, flavorful choice with a clean, crisp balance of premium moscato wine with natural juices from perfectly ripe watermelons. Crafted from Gordo Australian moscato grapes, it’s gluten-free, and kosher-certified.

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