The moderate Left

The moderate Left

It’s a good thing that a group of rabbis have formed an alliance to promote a two-state solution and combat the demonization of Israel. But it’s disturbing that one unnamed target, according to your Aug. 11 article (“Rabbis join group rejecting one-sided criticism of Israel”) is J Street.

Having participated as a Zionist in J Street activities, I know that J Street is a pro-Israel organization that also seeks a two-state solution. And being pro-Israel in its self-description, it is often subject to attacks from the anti-Israel Left. It also battles against the anti-Israel BDS (boycott, divestment, sanctions) movement. I would hope that this new group of rabbis will come around to understanding that J Street is an ally on the moderate Left.

Ralph Seliger
New York, NY

The writer is editor of Israel Horizons, the magazine of Meretz USA.

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