A message of love

A message of love

Thank you so much for sharing Phil Horn’s heartbreaking story about his grandchild Shira. (“One year later, memories of love, courage”).

I’ve read the piece several times and each time I sob with heartache. Then I ask myself, “Am I making a difference like Shira did? Am I living life fully like Shira did? Am I bringing joy to the world like Shira did?

Shira stood for goodness, kindness, joie de vivre, helping others,  courage, and passion and more. I wish I had been lucky enough to have met her. Shira inspires me to be a better person, teacher, mother, wife, friend, etc., because of his article. I’m so sorry for his unimaginable loss. At the same time, I am so awed by how the author molded his grief into a message of love, courage, and inspiration.

Tamar Wyner Herman

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