A party for the rich

A party for the rich

Warren Goldfein writes that he will not vote for Hillary Clinton because, “[a]nother Clinton Administration would simply be a third term of Obama.” (Letter, Feb. 4) Although I am against the Obama administration’s Israel policies, there is no way that I could vote for a present day far right Republican Party. Here’s why: I don’t believe the poor and middle class are served best by making rich people richer.

I don’t think any American should be forced to abide by laws or rules based on a faith that they don’t follow.

I don’t think homosexuals choose to be gay, I believe they’re born that way.

I think women should determine what they do with their own bodies. I think the poor should be helped, not vilified.

Corporations are the reason why our government is so corrupt in the first place, so it makes no sense to further deregulate them. I believe health care should be a right for every human being.

Guns, while not the sole problem, are part of the problem with violence in this country.

Science and faith are not mutually exclusive; it’s possible to believe in both.

If a business can’t afford to pay its workers a living wage then they shouldn’t be in business.

The vast majority of the world’s scientists aren’t wrong when they say humans are causing climate change.

We should be making it easier for people to vote, not more difficult.

Women earn 22 percent less for the same job, and the mostly Republican Congress blocked The Fairness Protection Law — again.

They are waging a war against the elderly, children, the sick, and the poor in order to benefit millionaires and billionaires.

Selma Prager

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