A remarkable day

A remarkable day

My husband wrote this poem as a thank you to Olivia Lefkovitz after our son received a specially designed bike at the Olivia’s Friendship Cycle event (“Cycling for friendship,” July 7):

Olivia wished that each “special needs” child should receive a shiny new bike,
But how to arrange them for so many children, including some teens and tykes?
What a great bat mitzva project conception,
For a grand summer kick-off bike-giving reception.

Olivia questioned her parents, then together the Friendship Circle team,
Can you help us achieve this mitzva idea? To deliver on Olivia’s dream?
About how to accomplish her vision,
One and all supported an emboldened decision.

FCNJ reached out to the Circle asking for help and support,
The community rallied and gave as they could to ensure that they wouldn’t fall short;
100 bikes were ordered, and quickly assembled, with nary a bolt gone astray,
On June 26 the bikes were delivered, on a truly remarkable day.

To build self-esteem and confidence, regardless of a child’s restrictions,
Olivia’s mitzva delivered a gift beyond our wildest predictions;
To “love your fellow as yourself” is the Friendship Circle’s mission,
The happiness she brought to each child and their families made Olivia the best magician.

Now Max can ride his bike with pride, while grinning ear to ear,
We think this day was his happiest yet, may be his best all year;
Thank you, Olivia, for caring so much; you are truly a friend indeed,
Your idea is an inspiration to everyone, of the kind of life we all should lead.

With heartfelt thanks and much gratitude,
The Lerners: Max, Jamie, Heidi, and Keith

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