A sacred duty

A sacred duty

As president of Jewish Vegetarians of North America, I commend Kira Horowitz for her compassionate decision and thoughtful analysis (“Inspired by tradition, bat mitzvah goes vegan,” Jan. 17). The production and consumption of meat and other animal products violates basic Jewish mandates to preserve human health, treat animals with compassion, protect the environment, conserve natural resources, and help hungry people. Animal-based diets and agriculture are causing an epidemic of diseases in the Jewish and other communities and contributing significantly to climate change and other environmental problems that threaten all of humanity. It is essential that the Jewish community address these issues and consider shifts to plant-based diets to help shift our imperiled planet to a sustainable path.

For further information about Jewish teachings on vegetarianism, see our documentary, A Sacred Duty: Applying Jewish Values to Help Heal the World at ASacredDuty.com.

Richard Schwartz
Jewish Vegetarians of North America
Newport News, VA

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