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Purim Spoof

At The Movies

JoJo Rabbi — Pharaoh gives his Jewish adviser an endearing nickname

Pair o’ Sites — Israeli guide offers tours of Masada and Ein Gedi

Kittel Women — Orthodox feminists demand right to lead High Holiday services

Vahntz Upon a Time…in Hollywood — An annoying little guy tries to break into the movies

Fur v Fedora — Chasidic sects end a 50-year fashion feud

The Amishman — Pennsylvania Dutch hitman is mistaken for a Chasid

Jewker — A failed Catskills comedian goes crazy

Remarriage Story — Even their family is so over the on-again, off-again couple

$19.17 — A $20 value, but for you…

Chrain and Glory — Grandmother’s horseradish recipe wins cooking contest

The Two Pupas — Brothers vie for the leadership of chasidic sect

A Beautiful Day for the Neighbor Hood — Meyer Lansky gains control of Las Vegas

Three-Star Wars: The Rise of Skywatchers — Rabbis debate when Shabbos is over

Hairy Yet — Woman wears same sheitel for 25 years

Judyism — Renee Zellweger converts

Ready Prayer One — Rabbi cues cantor to start services

Soloveitchik: A Star Wars Story — Meir Soloveitchik vies with Arthur Schneier to see who can bring more celebrities to their synagogue

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