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Black Lives Matter is toxic

Black Lives Matter is toxic

Michael Koplow argues in his op-ed that Zionists should support Black Lives Matter (“Why Zionists should stand with Black Lives Matter,” June 18). He is mistaken. He, like too many others, have fallen prey to the concept that anti-Zionism is not the same as anti-Semitism and that is the type of “big lie” worthy of the Nazi’s propaganda machine. It has become a mantra so often touted by anti-Semitic groups that it has become widely accepted as genuine by liberal politicians, academics, and far too many Jews.

Pre-1948 anti-Zionism was opposition to the creation (actually, re-establishment) of the Jewish state in its original borders. Anti-Zionism now opposes the very existence of the Jewish State of Israel. Does Black Lives Matter’s platform address the existence of any other sovereign state?

The Jewish community has always, and should always, stand for justice for all. “My Life Matters” would be a much better concept for the entire world.  It is inherent in our religion and teaching. There are many organizations, movements, and agencies combating racism, discrimination, and religious intolerance that are deserving of our support. However, a movement that brands Israel as genocidal and an apartheid state is a movement born of hatred and undeniable anti-Semitism.

Koplow’s borscht belt logic misses the mark. It is not whether Black Lives Matter should be considered kosher, it is whether it should be considered poisonous.

Marc I. Malberg

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