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BLM promotes hatred

BLM promotes hatred

Michael Koplow whitewashes the anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist sentiment heard in BLM groups, considering it “ancillary to their focus.” But the anti-Semitism goes beyond words, as I have seen reports of synagogues vandalized amid protests and hateful shouting at Jews by people marching for racial justice. Some also demonize Israel.

If BLM the concept is to mean anything, it must mean respect for others, including Jews. Too often Jews whitewash attacks on Jews and Israel as just talk and meaningless. It is not merely that we as Jews must stand up for our rights, but hold accountable the BLM organization, just as the BLM movement holds white racism accountable. Not only must we stand up, but so must black Americans.

I support BLM the movement, but I denounce BLM the organization and all those Jews and black and white people who won’t denounce them as well.

Melvin Farber
Silver Spring, Md.

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