Bring back Silverman

Bring back Silverman

Please know that without a conservative voice contrasting with the very liberal/progressive tone of NJJN, it is unreadable for me. I am requesting that you make every effort to bring Jared Silverman’s voice back into the fold. If you cannot or will not, I will have to ask you to remove my name from your delivery system. As it stands, most of your feature writers just serve to upset me as proven by the political slant that is so evident in the message of front- page offerings in the issue of Oct. 26 — “Murphy alleges White house gives ‘permission slip’ for anti-Semitism,” “Clarion call to Conservative rabbis,” and “New Jersey and Israel: Perfect together.” 

Please know that I have never met Silverman, never have spoken to him, and know no one who has any affiliation with him. To me, he is just a name and a photograph. But, usually, I am in strong agreement with his point of view.

Harold Heller

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