Broadway Shows To See This Purim
Purim Spoof

Broadway Shows To See This Purim

BeatlejewsMiami Boys Choir sings the Fab Four

Harry Potty and the Cursed Child Baby suffers from diarrhea

Dear Ivant HandsomeJewish girl describes her dream husband

Kiss My CaseTales of a talking mezuzah

The Ko-Cher Show Jewish food expo

Kinky Books “Kosher Sex” and its sequel, “Kosher Cigarettes”

King Leer Trump accused of illicit affairs

All My SinsBill Cosby’s life story

What the Constipation Means to Me Passover hotel guests kvetch in the lobby

To Fill a Mockingbird Stuffing a Thanksgiving delicacy

Nitwork Yeshiva kids are examined for lice

Petty Woman — Jewish wife nags endlessly

Jean Girls Bais Yaakov students are caught wearing pants

Be More Chullent Harlem synagogue runs out of kiddush

King Kahn NJJN staff suffer from editor’s Hashem complex

The PromptYekkies show up exactly on time

Haredistown Ultra-orthodox in Mea Shearim

My Fair Ladle Mother stirs her pot of chicken soup

Burn These Jewish women reject Indian-hair wigs

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