Buying the Hamas show

Buying the Hamas show

Regarding Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove’s op-ed “What was missing at the embassy ceremonies” (May 29), Hamas puts on a show, and you buy it all. You have been trained to buy it; you and the left-wing, media-industrial complex. 

You say you closely followed the Gaza border developments. Hamas had the planned incursions and killings of Israelis for Nakba day. Hamas leaders hide behind their own women and children, caring not one bit about lives lost on either side as long as they are noticed. At least 50 armed Hamas soldiers were killed to save innocent Israeli women and children. 

The dedication of the embassy was an acknowledgement of David Ben-Gurion’s decision that Jerusalem would again be the capital of Israel. It was NOT the decision of Benjamin Netanyahu, Likud, or the “right wing.” You might want to read what Prime Minister Golda Meir said would happen if we negotiated with terrorists.

We hope that the leadership of the Conservative and Reform movements in the U.S. become the leaders we need them to be. We are a people with a religion and a land. 

The suffering of the people of Gaza has nothing to do with Israel and everything to do with their corrupt leaders. What would the world be like if Israel were from the “river to the sea?” Where would we be if the Palestinians got their wish to push the Jews into the sea and rid Jerusalem of every Jew? The Arabs know that the Jewish people need Jerusalem. The last time the Jews relied on the leadership of “liberal” Reform and Conservative rabbis, Jewish refugees, like my parents, were denied entry to the U.S. and to Palestine. And now you say Kaddish on Yom HaShoah. Those of us who know our history will not be led to our deaths again. 

Am Yisrael Chai.

Sidney Goldfarb

Naomi Vilko


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