Can we trust Iran?

Can we trust Iran?

After the Islamic revolution in 1979, the ayatollahs in Iran committed a series of violent acts against the USA, capturing the American embassy in Tehran and keeping its personnel as captives. (They never apologized for these acts of aggression.) Their proxies, Hizbullah, attacked American military barracks in Lebanon and killed more than 220 American soldiers. Since then, numerous demonstrations in Iranian cities, many times a year, have proclaimed death to America and Israel. These demonstrations didn’t stop even during the recent negotiations between Iran and six Western countries.

Iran did not stop these demonstrations, because they knew that the Obama administration was so eager to sign an agreement. The result is a victory for Iran and a shameful defeat for the Western  world.

Seeing the weakness of the Western negotiators, will Iran do anything to stop building a nuclear bomb, stop hating the USA, and stop spreading terror throughout the world?

Girsh Sorkin

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