Cause for sympathy

Cause for sympathy

There is one comment that puzzles me in Gary Rosenblatt’s “With Times under siege, Jewish reporters hit back” (May 23): “… a Harvard International Journal of Press/Politics found the Times more favorable to Israel than the Palestinians.” When? In 2003? Seventeen years ago someone connected with Harvard said the Times was more sympathetic to Israel than to the Palestinians. Nothing since then?

Maybe they actually were more sympathetic back then. Remember, in early 2000s there was the second intifada, Passover massacre in Netanya, and suicide bombers as a result of Ariel Sharon walking on the Temple Mount. So, kill off hundreds of Israelis and an obscure Harvard study will find the New York Times more sympathetic to the Israelis, 17 years ago.

Dahlia Peyser
Mountain Lakes

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