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Deadly economy

Deadly economy

It is surprising to me that with a longtime and unabashed left-wing slant to just about everything emanating from NJJN, that the paper does not recognize that a healthy economy is the quintessential social justice issue of our time (Editorial, “The false choice between safety and the economy,” May 7). A depressed state and national and global economy will ultimately most hurt those whom a social justice movement purports to champion.

In an effort to stem the spread of Covid-19, our economy is already being devastated with a prolonged lockdown of society and commerce, and with this so-called mitigation proceeding indefinitely, unemployment just might spike to unprecedented levels. What will ensue will be an increase in homelessness, violence, crime, substance abuse, malnutrition, suicide, disease, and, without a doubt, death. I fear that the aforementioned deaths will continue long after the last Covid-19 patient succumbs to the virus.    

The choice between safety and the economy is not a false one, but perhaps better described as a Hobbesian one. There will no doubt be continued deaths from the virus, but also from a ruined economy. Thus far, and as evidenced from NJJN’s editorial, there has been little balance in this regard from many government officials and the mainstream media, in particular. 

Martin Marks

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