Democratic sledgehammer to U.S.

Democratic sledgehammer to U.S.

The stench of anti-Semitism has hung over the Democratic Party for a long time. In January 2018 the Wall Street Journal printed an editorial “The Dems’ Farrakhan Problem,” referring to renowned anti-Semite and National of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

In March the Democrats retired to their chamber to discuss their party’s problem of anti-Semitism. They emerged many hours later with a bland Band-Aid that condemned “hatred and bigotry.” That works fine for the likes of Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, but the word anti-Semitism was gone. Scrubbed. Since when did anti-Semitism become a subject for debate?

NJJN’s editor Gabe Kahn was forthright and courageous when he called out the Democratic Party for anti-Semitism (Garden State of Mind, “Israel isn’t Omar’s target. We are,” March 14). I can only imagine the deluge of criticism that engulfed him for his bravery. A lot of Jews have the Democratic Party in their DNA; they refuse to believe their eyes and ears. They do not realize that the liberal left is long gone. Even the progressives, so long in control, are being infiltrated by the radical left.

For instance, they want open borders and 16-year-olds to vote. Do you know why? Because illegal immigrants and 16-year-olds will continue to vote for the Democrats.

They want socialism. You have only to look at the countries that suffer it. They want Medicare for all. That means health care for none. They propose packing the U.S. Supreme Court with “political activists.” They want to do away with the Electoral College. The East and West coasts will decide our elections and leave voiceless the millions of voters in the middle of the country.

In short, because the Democrats lost the election they have taken a sledgehammer to our revered institutions and system of government. Their blows are weakening our country. Remember that our government and country are the envy of the entire world.

S. Scheininger

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