Dems tolerate anti-Semitism

Dems tolerate anti-Semitism

We should be grateful to Ilhan Omar for finally exposing the Democratic party for what it is: at best, tolerant of anti-Semitism. Her hatred of Jews and Israel cannot be disputed by any reasonable, unbiased person. The Democratic Party-led resolution condemning anti-Semitism was watered down to condemn all forms of hatred except, of course, the only hatred acceptable to the Democrats: hatred of straight, white men.

Sadly, most Republicans showed their lack of integrity by supporting the watered-down resolution; only 23 Republicans had the courage to call it for what it is. 

But the question for Democrats is, where do you go from here? Are you going to continue to support a party which questions Jewish loyalty to America? Do Jews honestly believe it’s going to get better if they continue to support the party? 

We have an opportunity to let our representatives know that their moral cowardice will not be tolerated, and is unworthy of anyone who calls themselves a Republican. As for Democrats, they’re only going to become more hostile to Jews and Israel. There’s only one solution for them. 

Ben Feigenbaum
East Brunswick

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