Destruction of Sugihara forest

Destruction of Sugihara forest

I would like to thank writer Stewart Ain and NJJN for publishing “Tangled roots: What’s become of the Sugihara Righteous Forest?” (March 12).

A Japanese acquaintance, now friend, asked me for directions to the Sugihara Forest. We had met in 2017 at the Western Wall. I assured him that a city official would be more competent than an American tourist in helping him. In addition, administrators at the Mirrer Yeshiva rescued by diplomat Chiune Sugihara would also be able to provide assistance.

He repeated to me that his search had been fruitless. Residents had directed him to an apartment complex. He insisted that he had to continue his search, and that was in 2017. It did not occur to either of us that the Israeli government was so indifferent as to permit the destruction of the forest honoring this man.

I cringe for Israel when I think of the damage done to Japanese-Jewish relations. The Japanese did not destroy the Jews who fled to Asia during World War II. It is something to contemplate.

Allen Siegel

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