Discovering Jewish Spain

Discovering Jewish Spain

I was most pleased to read Jennifer Altmann’s travel piece “Spain reverberates with echoes of long-vanished Jews” (Nov. 14). My wife, Randy, and I spent three weeks driving around Spain in search of Jewish communities and were fortunate to find many instances of Jews living throughout the country.

In late November 2019 we were on a cruise from Barcelona, Spain, to Miami. One of our ports was Palma De Majorca, Spain. I was able to find a Jewish tour of the area given by a former New Jerseyan, Dani Rotstein. His walking tour was most illuminating and educational. Rotstein is putting together a movie about the history of the Sephardic Jews of this area.

I urge anyone who will be in Palma De Majorca to get in touch with him, visit, or email

Steven A. Solomon
East Brunswick

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