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Don’t forget NJ governor

Don’t forget NJ governor

Gabe Kahn’s “Time cannot heal this wound” (Garden State of Mind, July 9) was a touching perspective on the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic as it pertains to our Jewish faith, albeit for approximately two-thirds of his article. Touching of course until it lurched, almost predictably, into an anti-Trump diatribe. 

Kahn’s string of “Don’t Forgets” was no doubt hard-hitting, yet his biases allowed him to forget, or more likely, conveniently ignore, that right here in New Jersey thousands of our family members, friends, and neighbors perished in nursing homes as a direct result of our governor’s edict requiring Covid-positive patients not to be turned away from these vulnerable facilities. 

So while the editor of NJJN concludes his piece with “Don’t forget that there’s something we can do about it this fall,” as it pertains to Pres. Donald Trump, we, once again predictably, failed to see any admonition to not forget that there is also something we can do in the fall of 2021 about the man who is complicit in the deaths of thousands of New Jerseyans. 

And finally, let us not forget that Kahn is a liberal first and above all else, and this continually taints the perspective of NJJN’s op-eds and, unfortunately, its news presentation.

Martin Marks

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