False impressions

False impressions

As the chair of the West Orange Republican Party, I would like to express my support of Sen. Menendez’s efforts to maintain and increase American pressure on the terrorist state of Iran.

Iran has repeatedly called for the destruction of Israel, and has been the major supplier of arms and rockets to Hamas and Hizbullah, which are terrorist groups dedicated to Israel’s eradication by attacking from Gaza and Lebanon.

Unfortunately, the Obama administration is under the false impression that the Iranian regime will act in good faith in order to ease the pressure of the sanctions that the West has imposed upon it.

In fact, since the “interim” agreement of last autumn was announced, while Western sanctions on Iran have been reduced, Iran has actually increased its nuclear weapons procurement operations. Iran continues to call for Israel’s destruction, continues to deny the Holocaust, and continues to denounce America — even to the extent of sending Iranian naval vehicles close to our shores!

Recently, we were sickened to see a virtual video released from Iran that shows Iranian nuclear weapons destroying Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

The Iranian regime is nothing more than a terrorist organization that has  taken over a nation, and has wrapped itself in the cloak of godliness.

Unfortunately, every time the Obama administration declares that a major “breakthrough” with the Iranians has been achieved, the Iranians themselves quickly deny any such thing.

If anything, Pres. Obama should seek out Sen. Menendez’s council on how to deal with Iran.

Mark Meyerowitz
West Orange

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