Foresight of RCBC

Foresight of RCBC

Thank you for Steve Lipman’s piece acknowledging the foresight of our local elected officials, and most notably the members of the Rabbinic Council of Bergen County (RCBC) (“How Teaneck eased the grip of coronavirus,” April 23).

The RCBC rabbis showed incredible foresight, vision, and courage in forcing our way of life to be altered in unimaginable ways for the sake of the common good. At first glance, the pronouncement published on March 12 was scary, seemingly harsh, and thought to be overreaching.

In hindsight, the RCBC saved lives. Period. The textbooks will teach their actions and use their wisdom in working with all health and safety authorities as one of the greatest “game plans” in recent local Jewish history.

Robert Katz
Fair Lawn

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