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Greenberg wrong

Greenberg wrong

I was very disappointed to read Rabbi Yitz Greenberg’s op-ed, “How charedi Orthodox theology failed its followers” (Opinion, April 28). NJJN is not the “go-to” newspaper of the charedi community.

Greenberg’s criticisms are shared with the wrong audience. Further, his criticism of charedi rabbis, by name, is lashon hara —  the very slander we are taught to avoid, ironically, in [a recent] Torah portion.

Finally, I am not, nor have any interest in becoming, a “charedi” follower. But why is their theology of an all-encompassing God, found throughout our liturgy, any less authentic than Greenberg’s version of a “self-limited” God? I’m not even sure what “self-limited” means.

In summation, many believe when they are “in the right” they are permitted — or even obligated — to point out the errors of others, but I found Greenberg’s article breaks as many tenets of Judaism as he criticizes.

Jeffrey Lawrence
Highland Park

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