Hadassah receives award for education

Hadassah receives award for education

JOYCE WEINBERGER, education vice president of the Livingston chapter of Hadassah, has received honorable mention (second place) for the 2018 National Hannah L. Goldberg PRAZE Study Group Award for Education, which was presented in May at Hadassah’s National Convention in Washington, D.C. She is being recognized for her development and leadership in the chapter’s ongoing “Tea and Torah” study group, which she has been leading for more than 10 years. Her series of classes is “Today’s Empowered Jewish Women — Traits We Inherited from the Matriarchs, Prophetesses, and other Biblical Women.” This award is presented every four years at the National Convention; Weinberger received this award four years ago. 

Livingston Hadassah’s education program includes other courses such as “Kabbalah — Looking at Life Spiritually,” “The Foundations of a Jewish Home — The Three Women’s Mitzvot,” “The Mystical Mystic of the Mezzuzah,” and more. 

Weinberger has taught these classes to Hebrew school groups, college students, and sisterhoods. For more information or to attend any of Hadassah’s classes, contact GIWJFW@aol.com.

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