Hardly obscure

Hardly obscure

I thought I should write in reference to the Kolbo item about author Michael Wex’s hope that “an up-tothe-minute crowdfunding site can rescue  a 1920’s Yiddish novelist [Joseph Opatoshu] from obscurity.” (May 16)

Opatoshu is far from “obscure,” if articles about him in the Yiddish, German, and other scholarly media are any indication.

For the record, the novel In Poylishe Velder that he proposes to translate was translated into English and published by the JPS in the mid-1930s. It is available in the United States among antiquarian dealers. This and other Opatoshu titles have been published in German and are also available through antiquarian sources as well as through print-on-demand sources.

Eleanor Friedl
Library, College at Florham
Fairleigh Dickinson University

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