Have some respect

Have some respect

While Gabe Kahn’s recent Garden State of Mind listing of Kobe Bryant’s 2003 “sexual assault and false imprisonment” accusation and “having an extramarital affair with another woman ‘a lot,’” may be 100 percent accurate, Bryant has not even been buried yet and I find Kahn’s insensitivity to the Bryant family a new low in news reporting. I guess the editor of NJJN has been affected by the news media of the President Donald Trump era or maybe he burnished his writing skills with the National Enquirer.

Kahn is correct in saying “it feels dirty, even callous, to bring this up now before funeral arrangements for Kobe and his daughter have even been announced,” and he should have stopped right there and withheld his thoughts until after “shiva” or “shloshim” were over.

But then maybe the scoop of the newsman is more important than civility.

On a more practical basis, if Kahn would read the articles in the national media, especially those from New York City, he would be aware of the anti-Semitic acts that have been perpetrated allegedly by members of the black community and ask himself the following question: How will my article, at this time, impact that violence?

Sadly, Kahn has thought only about himself and not about the black community and certainly not about the Jewish community.

Shame on him for writing this at this time and shame on NJJN for allowing it to be published!

Ian Schorr

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