Help the stranger

Help the stranger

In Letters to the Editor a reader asks where is the “noticeable outcry from national Jewish organizations” regarding U.S. policies and the treatment of refugees (“Silence on border policies,” Dec. 12).

Three organizations come to my mind immediately — ADL, NCJW, and HIAS — along with many other synagogues and Jewish groups. The shooter in Pittsburgh at the Tree of Life synagogue cited HIAS and its National Refugee Shabbat as central to his motivation to attack.

So the issue for me is why these organizations are not noticeable despite having received national coverage? I believe it is incumbent upon us to get involved in these organizations that express our highest Jewish values regarding how we treat strangers, rather than do the work of the others who say or imply that Jewish people care only about ourselves. The latter only feeds anti-Semitism and if we believe it without becoming active in “helping the strangers,” it does feed our shame.

Gail Kleinman, LCSW

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