Hillel is vital connector

Hillel is vital connector

Regarding “Rutgers Hillel celebrates 75 years” (May 17), college is a place where students are maturing and exploring things religiously that they have never thought about or were never challenged before because of the influence of their parents and surrounding communities. Those who have grown up acknowledging their Jewish identity suddenly have to think about what they value and how they will practice Judaism based on what they were taught during the earlier years of their lives. 

I believe that it is so important to have an accessible outlet in college for students who are on the verge of losing their Jewish identity — or even for Orthodox Jews — to be able to visit. If someone has never been active in his or her Jewish community or been passionate about Judaism, without the proper resources in college the student is highly unlikely to grow spiritually or even remain at the same spiritual level. 

It is amazing that the Rutgers Hillel celebrates 75 years this year because it continues to provide programming for all Jews and it serves as the connection that all Jews need in order to continue to acknowledge and practice Judaism throughout their college years. 

Nina Tepler

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