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Purim spoof

In theaters

Ain’t  Too Loud — Bride’s father warns the band before the wedding

Bottlejews — Shul has a popular kiddush club

Come Away Frum — High school grads spend gap year in Israel

Who’s Afraid of Virgin Wool? — Shatnez discovered at an Italian suit factory

Flying Past Sunset — Delayed air travelers violate the Sabbath

Ladiestown — Women’s tefillah groups multiply

Jagged Little Pillow — Zayde hides the afikoman

Mean Curls — Yeshiva boy seeks approval of payos-wearing clique 

Moo Long Route — After the sin of the Golden Calf, God extends the Jews’ trek in the desert

Mrs. Debt Fire — Building owner’s widow commits arson to avoid bankruptcy

The Music Mun — Fantasy about singing hamantaschen

To Kill an Early Bird — Murder trial at a Florida condo community

West Side Store — Fairway Market threatens to close

Wick It — Family lights an oil menorah

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