Insulting editorial

Insulting editorial

What Bernie Sanders got wrong negates anything he got right (Editorial, “What Sanders got right — and wrong,” April 16).  NJJN’s wistful and fawning editorial about Sanders is an insult to the Jewish community. I’m writing this note in protest as someone whose father, grandmother, uncles, and aunts were murdered by the Nazis. 

Sanders calling Benjamin Netanyahu a “racist,” referring to AIPAC as empowering “bigotry,” and denouncing Israel for using “disproportionate” force (for defending itself) marks him as a purveyor of anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. Sanders has emboldened the so-called progressives to attack and question America’s erstwhile bipartisan support for Israel. He has done much enduring harm to the Jewish cause.

Though he may be a Jew by birth, he is in no way a “Jewish” candidate. Sanders has it wrong and the NJJN editorial got it wrong. 

Henry I. Schanzer

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