Israelis love Trump

Israelis love Trump

As a long-standing leader in the American-Jewish community, Seymour Reich should be asking why American Jews do not profess solidarity with Israeli Jews instead of asking why Israeli Jews do not profess solidarity with American Jews (“Preaching unity, Israeli leaders further divide us,” Opinion, Nov. 22).

Israeli Jews face an existential threat markedly enhanced by President Barack Obama’s transferring well over $100 billion to the genocidal Iranian regime with his nuclear deal.

Over a million Israelis in the south were recently under attack and running for shelters from close to 500 rockets fired by Hamas, courtesy of Iran. Unlike Israelis, we do not send our children to military service for three years, nor are we sometimes still in the reserves while our children are on active duty. Reich states that many American Jews believe the president’s rhetoric inspired the Pittsburgh massacre. But they are unaware that the murderer posted on social media that he was acting because President Trump was run by the Jews.

Is Reich aware that former President Bill Clinton recently gave a speech in the presence of Louis Farrakhan, long considered a vicious anti-Semite? I am pro-choice and would like to see much better gun control and also believe that Israel should recognize Conservative and Reform Jews. However, the survival of Israel is more important to me than those issues. I do not like the way President Trump says things, but I love the way he treats Israel, and so do Israelis.

Seymour M. Cohen

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