Jewish Genetic Screening Awareness Week

Jewish Genetic Screening Awareness Week

JScreen, a national non-profit public health initiative dedicated to preventing genetic diseases, marks the fifth annual Jewish Genetic Screening Awareness Week from February 4 to 10. There will be events, information, and resources to raise awareness of the importance of genetic screening.

Initiated in 2020 with organizational partners across the nation, JGSAW educates the community about the importance of screening for genetic diseases and raises awareness about testing resources.

Now in its 11th year, JScreen makes genetic testing simple, accessible, and affordable with easy-to-use at-home saliva kits. JScreen’s reproductive testing gives prospective parents a deep understanding of their likelihood of having a child with a genetic disease.  If a couple’s risk is elevated, genetic counselors privately address their results by phone or video teleconference and provide options to help them plan for the health of their future children. JScreen’s cancer genetic test is a newer addition and alerts a person to their risk for hereditary cancer so they can be proactive about their own health. By providing convenient at-home access to cutting-edge genetic testing technology, patient education and genetic counseling services, JScreen strives to prevent devastating genetic diseases and ensure a healthy future for all. For more information, go to

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