Jews for Trump

Jews for Trump

Kudos to NJJN for Jed Weisberger’s “Still playing the Trump card” (Sept. 3) on the “unusual phenomenon” of Jewish Trump supporters and registered Republicans. It’s an important story because there are a great many of us. Some are outspoken while others more discrete, perhaps afraid to alienate Democratic relatives.

We all feel strongly that Pres. Donald Trump has done a great job and could accomplish even more in a second term. I, for one, love his style: his no-nonsense, “say it like it is” approach of warmly connecting with “us, the American people,” unlike his predecessor, whose speeches were formal and high-brow, as if they were meant only for “the elites,” the select few who could understand and relate to them. 

We Trump supporters are so, so tired of the constant shenanigans of the Democrats and their accusations which always end up proven false. We’re tired of the press which is so overwhelmingly anti-Trump. In spite of Democrats’ lack of support, Trump has nevertheless managed to build a booming economy with record-high employment and record-low unemployment, and so much more (see the list at

And as for what Trump has done on behalf of Israel, I sincerely believe that he, a Christian, has shown more concern, passion, and caring for the Jewish homeland and the survival of the Jewish people than most left-leaning American Jews ever will.

Bella Scharf Zelingher

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