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Jews shouldn’t back group promoting hatred

Jews shouldn’t back group promoting hatred

I strongly disagree with the views expressed by Michael Koplow in his op-ed “Why Zionists should stand with Black Lives Matter” (June 18). Indeed, I believe all human lives are sacred. However, that is also precisely why I disagree with his position that Jews should support the Movement for Black Lives.   

As Koplow points out, one of the political positions of this movement is that Israel is an apartheid state and “complicit in the genocide taking place against the Palestinian people.” In plain language that is a complete fabrication based on pure anti-Semitism. The people who support this falsehood and slander — whether knowingly or not — are perpetuating racism and hatred.

It needs to be clearly understood that the ultimate end-point of racism is violence and death, such as we saw with the murder of George Floyd. I believe that the concept underlying Black Lives Matter (BLM) is that human beings of all races and ethnic groups must be judged as individuals. It is the right of everyone to be treated with justice and equity, no matter their color, ethnic group, or creed.

For that reason, as a human being, and certainly as a Jew, I cannot support an organization that promotes hatred of my people. To those who are supporters of the Movement for Black Lives, you need to know that people of goodwill cannot and should not support anti-Semitism or any other racist philosophy, even in the name of BLM.

Anthony Winston
East Brunswick

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