Judge Trump by actions, not thoughts

Judge Trump by actions, not thoughts

Gabe Kahn’s criticism of Pres. Trump (“White supremacists emboldened by president,” Aug. 24) concerning anti-Semitism and equalizing “both sides” in the aftermath of Charlottesville is nonsense. 

This reminds me of anti-Semitism from the Jewish left and President Nixon. It is what a person does, not what thoughts he may have.

During the crisis of the Yom Kippur War I was in the Norfolk naval station aboard a carrier looking down at a tramp steamer docked alongside the carrier. Latched to the deck were three fighter jets in their cocoons. I yelled at the crew, “Where are you going?” The answer was “Haifa.” I did not get this from a report, I saw it with my own eyes. Nixon probably saved Israel.

Pres. Trump has stated that he will stop sending funds to terrorists as occurred in the previous administration. From news reports, the families of imprisoned terrorists in Israel are no longer receiving any American compensation. This may change the politics of the arena. After all, if you can murder an Israeli or a visitor in Israel, have a party in your honor, and have your family be compensated you have a win-win situation.

What should be outrageous to all Americans is the riot that was allowed to occur in Virginia. The mayor and governor should be removed from office.

I have seen a report that a U.S. military base has been created in Israel under the American flag. This is a defacto alliance.

Norman Ende
Capt. MC USNR (ret.)
Mountain Lakes 

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