Kahn’s courage on guns

Kahn’s courage on guns

I was happy to read Gabe Kahn’s important column about gun violence … once again, and again, and again (Garden State of Mind, “The scourge of gun violence, once again,” Aug. 8).

I was so disappointed to read the onslaught of negative responses he received [in response to columns advocating gun control]. Some in my family said I was naive to be shocked.

I want Kahn to know how much his column means to me, and I feel sure hundreds — maybe thousands — of readers won’t write or call to let him know they too deeply appreciate his words. I wish columnists all over the country had the courage that Kahn shows to keep writing about the slaughter in our country due to gun violence.

Threats made to you are completely undeserved and inappropriate.

Thank you for your courage and the important work you do.

Fran Gerber

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