Land for peace is criminal

Land for peace is criminal

Kudos to Hindy Kierman’s compelling analysis of the futility and fantasy of the “two-state solution” (Letters to the Editor, “Fantasy vs. reality,” Oct. 24). The world does not need another Arab terrorist state dedicated to the destruction of Israel. Should, God forbid, there be a Palestinian state, the only issue is — which terrorist organization will control it? Then Israel’s retaliation and defense will be twisted to characterize the country as the aggressor. Israel’s naïve belief that giving Gaza to the terrorists would somehow bring about a peaceful co-existence must never be forgotten nor repeated.

Israel’s very existence is at the core of the problem. Giving any land to Arabs will only encourage more terrorism. And to trust a piece of paper in exchange for land would be criminal. A two-state solution would be the stepping-stone for the “final solution” and suicide for our beloved Israel.

The stated goal of all the Arab terrorist organizations is the total destruction of the Jewish state. Anyone who believes differently refuses to recognize the reality of the situation.

Yes, the situation is very, very complicated. Israel’s desire for peace must not cloud the issue. The hatred that is being instilled in every Arab child has not abated. The glorification of terrorists has not abated. The desire for the destruction of Israel has not abated.

We pray for the safety and welfare of this tiny island of sanity located in a sea of intolerable and frustrating hatred. 

Charlie Bernhaut

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