Let Kobe fans mourn

Let Kobe fans mourn

I am not a sports addict in any form. I doubt I would stutter or stumble had I seen or met Kobe Bryant (Garden State of Mind, “Remembering all of Kobe,” Jan. 30). However, I do know that a week after his untimely death in a tragic helicopter crash, out of respect for his accomplishments on and off the court, and in deference to his fans and mourning family, I think (really, I know) that Gabe Kahn’s reporting and personal note on Bryant’s life should have been shelved.

Because Kahn evokes King David and God we should not allow this brutal personal reporting to pass without a note. We have all read in these pages how we should be better people and learn from our past, etc., but maybe Kahn could give family and fans a moment to mourn and breathe.

Jonathan Blank
West Orange

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