A letter to Donald Trump

According to Donald Trump I am a self-hating Jew. There are things in life that I truly love. I loved my late wife for more than 55 years. I love my children and my grandchildren. I both served my country and love it without reservation.

And I truly love Israel.

I love Israel because it is the historic homeland of my Jewish brothers and sisters. I love Israel because it is out most staunch ally. I love Israel because it is the only democracy in a land ruled by despotic sheiks who hold no truck for any belief or religion other than their own.

I love Israel because it protects other beliefs, churches, and mosques while its surrounding neighbors permit only the worship of their choice and prohibit other religious institutions.

In Israel I saw baptisms taking place in the River Jordan. I saw women wearing hijabs sitting in a place of public accommodation a table away from an Orthodox Jew. I saw Israeli police and IDF protecting houses of worship of other religions. Unlike neighboring countries, Israel does not demolish religious sites belonging to Jews, Christians, and Bahia, as its neighbors do.

I love Israel because it is a free country that is governed by the people it serves. And, unlike its neighbors, it can change the government if it does not like what they are doing. Try that in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Doha, and more. There would be a blood bath if they tried.

This is my letter to Donald Trump:

I do not think Vladimir Putin is a good guy. I think Kim Jung Un is a murderer, not a friend. I do not think Adolph H (I won’t dignify him by using his full name) did any good at all, as you seem to think.

Yes, you moved the embassy to Jerusalem. Other presidents said they would but never followed through. Thank you. But who the hell do you think you are to say that any Jew who votes Democratic hates his religion and Israel?

You are a despot who called the Capitol rioters true patriots and promised to release them if elected. You are a despot who refused to accede to the will of the people in the last election. You embraced Putin and Kim.

That would beg the question as to whether or not you hate the United States. The Democrats are far from perfect, as Chuck Schumer’s recent comments showed. But in this country, we can voice an opinion without fear of being sent to one of the gulags your friend Putin controls. You would be him. You would be Kim.

So, I ask, why do you hate democracy? Why do you hate anyone who disagrees with you? And that includes the majority of Jews in this country. Jews who love both Israel and the United States. And, Mr. Trump, we love our religion.

You are a blight that hopefully will be consigned to the dust bin of history in November. A bloodbath if you lose? Hell no! There are those of us who will fight to protect our country, our religion, and our freedom.

Bob Nesoff
New Milford

Trump Derangement Syndrome

Rabbi Engelmayer’s column last week used the typical scare tactics of desperate Democrats who fear people might see the light and vote differently because they realize the Democratic Party has become a cesspool of anti-Semites. What better way to scare people than to use “Trump” and “alt-right” and other incendiary terms to convince people that a vote for Trump is a vote for white supremacy. Let’s sweep under the rug all the pro-Palestinian marches by leftists who are basically calling for the destruction of Israel, the fact that Jewish students have been terrorized by leftists on college campuses and Rabbi Engelmayer’s beloved Democratic party not only has the virulent anti-Semitic Squad but a White House that continues to meet with CAIR, gives money to Iran after they helped finance the largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust and of course let’s not forget Chuck Schumer’s recent speech calling for Netanyahu’s removal but not for the removal of the leader of Iran. With friends like these… I know it is very difficult for many Democrats to believe their party is not the party their parents were part of but polls show the Democratic party is much more anti-Israel than the Republican is and that is a proxy for how they feel about Jews too.

I wish Rabbi Engelmayer a refuah from his severe Trump Derangement Syndrome and pray for the survival of Israel when so many Jews continue to vote against their own interest.

Beatrice Baum

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