Liberal media

Liberal media

Andrew Silow-Carroll’s “The president’s remarks about Jewish money mistake bigotry for wit” (Dec. 12, 2019) isn’t front-page news; in fact, it is not news at all. We know the president makes ridiculous remarks about money, but why not pay attention to situations involving presidents that are far more serious? What about Pres. Barack Obama abstaining from a UN resolution pertaining to settlements or, worse yet, pushing a defective Iran nuclear deal, which resulted in countless deaths prior to the deal being nullified?

Discussing those issues would require an analysis which would ruin the liberal image of NJJN and the New York Jewish Week. Countless Israeli lives were lost after Hezbollah got its hands on Iran’s money, but so what? Silow-Carroll needs to show hate for Trump to pump up his liberal image.

Ellen Rubin

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