Lighten up

Lighten up

Rosanne Skopp’s Exit Ramp “Life’s twists and turns always come to an end” (Jan. 4) was appallingly depressing. I felt depressed after reading it and I suspect my feelings were shared by many others. I admit to reading the obituaries in NJJN each week and it is enough that in recent years I have known the subjects of many of those entries. I certainly didn’t need to be put in a sadder frame of mind by this too-personal piece more suited to a diary than to a widely-read publication. I did not need to be reminded that all life ultimately ends. We all know that fact. Let’s lighten up a bit shall we?

I was pleased to see that last week’s Exit Ramp “The case for day schools” dealt with an issue of interest to young parents and their children just starting out on life’s highway — on the entrance ramp, so to speak.

Joseph Steinberg
Short Hills

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