Lost in politics

Lost in politics

Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen was good for the Jews and had earned the community’s respect and a solid leadership position in Washington, D.C. that he could and should have used for the benefit of District 11 and New Jersey. But he seems to have gotten lost in politics instead of service over the past few years. What a loss for our district and state!

Historically, Frelinghuysen was a moderate Republican who did serve his constituents. What a disappointment that “politics” — and his leadership position as chair of the House Committee on Appropriations — seem to have become more important to him than his dedication to public service and representing his primarily moderate constituents. Despite encouraging him to use his well-earned leadership position to aggressively stand up for issues benefiting all residents of our state, and telling him directly that not representing his constituents was going to cost him the election, he apparently wasn’t listening. The writing was clearly on the wall, and he finally saw that for himself. 

In the end, he left his congressional seat and leadership position on his own — and at a time when we need his strong voice on our behalf.

Ilene Dorf Manahan

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