Missing Sam’s

Missing Sam’s

I was touched by your coverage of the closing of Sam’s in Livingston as the store became more than a shopping venue, it seemed to be an institution onto itself (“End of an era for Sam’s,” Sept. 20). When I saw signs in the windows announcing retirement, I chanced to wonder where all the bar mitzvah boys would be fitted for their rite of passage. More so, I worried if anyone other than Maurice and Jeffrey would be able to oversee my husband’s wardrobe needs as they simply always knew how to handle his frequent reticence over buying new clothing. Birthdays and special occasions were always punctuated with trips to Sam’s for all of the guys in my life, as their sizes and purchase histories were easily retrieved and I loved marking special dates by giving gifts to my son, son-in-law, and husband that were always chosen with Maurice’s and Jeffrey’s personal interest in my purchase.

Sam’s became a place where everyone knew your name and staff genuinely cared about who you were. Alterations were taken seriously and workmanship was always meticulous. It was an iconic retail landmark that not only helped to create memories, but became a part of the most meaningful milestones with those in our community and beyond.

When I stop at the traffic light by South Livingston Avenue and Northfield, I will miss the creatively crafted windows which always were eye-catching and clever. But, most of all, I will miss knowing that on each and every special occasion for the special men in my life, I will not have Sam’s as my own personal shopping haven … where I always knew the gift and visit there would please.

I’ll not only miss Sam’s wonderful shopping experience, but I know I speak for so many when I say how much we will miss just saying hello to the owners and their wonderfully professional team. 

Wishing all involved at Sam’s the best of luck in your next journeys forward. I assure you that no store, app, Instagram account, or online retail experience will ever compare to what you have accomplished for all of us at Sam’s.

Marjorie Feinstein
West Orange

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