Name-calling on both sides

Name-calling on both sides

Kenneth Cohen asks for an explanation of what Jewish value is exemplified by President Donald Trump’s name-calling (Letters to the Editor, “Trump contradicts Jewish values,” Nov. 7). Answer: none. Similarly, there are no Jewish values exemplified by a presidential candidate who refers to millions of Americans as “deplorables,” “iredeemables,” and accuses them of every bigotry under the sun except, of course, those hatreds tolerated by the Left, such as hatred of Jews, Christians, and straight white men. Nor are Jewish values exemplified by a candidate who refers to millions of Americans as the “dregs of society” as Vice President Joe Biden recently did. Yet Cohen does not criticize that type of name-calling.

Trump has been very good to Israel — much more than any previous president — and he has been good for the U.S. Is he perfect? Of course not. Do I wish he didn’t call names? Yes, but I wish that Democrats were held to the same standard.   

As Torah-true Jews we are willing to overlook Trump’s faults (which are not exclusive to him alone) and look at the whole package. And we are happier with the total package a heck of a lot more than any Democrat you’d care to mention.

Ben Feigenbaum
East Brunswick

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